Who We Are


Who are we?

Mutant Gear is a revolutionary high quality brand of Anabolic Steroids launched on the market by Dutch Pharmaceuticals International a few years ago (2010). With our expertise and quality we developed the brand line Mutant Gear. We are specialized in packaging and manufacturing of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products. Today we are a fully independent operating company that goes under the name ‘Mutant Gear Europe’.

We know the exact requirements for these specific products which are fabricated with the right quality. Obviously, you can rest assured that our products are manufactured in a responsible manner with high quality. All of this we are doing for you by working with the right mix of people; suppliers, laboratory workers, bodybuilders and athletes. In short, we pay very close attention to our products, in order to offer you the best products.

What is a Mutant?

A mutant is an organism that is the result of a mutation. A mutant has superhuman abilities, to which we can connect very well as a brand.

With our products, you can pursue goals of which you previously thought as impossible. Mutant Gear is developed in 2010 by technicians in collaboration with a number of leading high level pro-bodybuilders and athletes, because they were not satisfied with the products offered at that time. Many AAS brands and products were and are still under-dosed or soiled.

To exclusively deliver products that do contain the right effective ingredients and proper dosages, as indicated on the labels of the products. The decision was made to start a product line called Mutant Gear ourselves.

Do you want to distinguish yourself too?

That extra incentive, sharp focus, super gains, a delicious pump in the veins of your muscles, more power throughout your entire body and ultimately the results that you dreamed of? All this can be a reality now with the Mutant Gear line. Whether you want to lose weight or just want to grow as a beast, both is possible. Nothing is impossible..

Quality Guaranteed!

We pay the utmost care to ensure the quality and hygiene of our products. We work with the most appropriate equipment and set high standards to the production and packaging process.

In which we differ from the rest?

We provide a high quality product, which contain the effective ingredients and the proper dosages. In addition, all products manufactured by Mutant Gear Europe are always tested first before they are launched on the market.

Furthermore we regularly complement our assortment with a new mix of products that we design ourselves. We do not want to stand still but want to make progression in all areas, just like the focus you have and goals you set!

The best part of all this is that we stand behind our products completely as a team and organization, but are always open to any suggestions.

Welcome to Mutant World..!

Mutant Gear Europe

All present labels (see pictures in the shop) for both the orals as injects are replaced by new hologram labels.

Mutant Gear is always written on every label in white with a blue background.

The jars for orals are now in aluminium bags and will no longer be in jars. The vials are available only in white glass with different colored caps such as blue for testosteron and red for deca series.